Castletown Donkey Derby 1994, Ireland!

This is undoubtedly one of the funniest and most brilliant videos that I've ever seen on youtube. I have watched it like 10 times and still uncontrollably lulz throughout. Every second is pure gold and in my opinion it should go viral within days. Here are a list of tags that basically sum up the video:
-Donkey Derby
-Rural Ireland
-hysteric + self-deluded commentator
-lowww budget
-attempted donkey sex


What better way of rekindling ones lust for nature than with the thrilling adventure of camping. Living it rough amongst the enchanted expanse of a forest glade is a sure fire way for a person to truly "find themselves." Miles away from civilisation with nothing but the alluring landscape to hold you back will be an unforgettable, enriching experience in your life. Now before you jump on the bandwagon and run off to some field in the middle of nowhere you should familiarise yourself with the various types of camping...

1. Trailer park/campsites: Your usually guaranteed to have a great time when you choose this style of camping. Girls are more inclined to come with you and there should be plenty of things to do and places to go within the area. Toilet and shower facilities should be available within the complex and drinkable water is usually free, so there's little risk of anyone running dry and being forced to drink their own piss. The down side about pitching a tent within a campsite is that you have to obey their gay ass rules. You cant get drunk off your ass and prance around the site with your pants undone or have the pleasure of capturing your own prey and slaughtering it in honour of the sun god. My advise to anyone going to a campsite this year is to wait until your last day to reek havoc and to leave the place being hated by every member of staff.

2. The great outdoors: This type of camping usually appeals to guys who want to take their manliness to the next level and to test the survival skills they learnt from watching Bear Grylls on Discovery. Its a great feeling being out in the open and one with nature. There's nothing better than setting half the forest on fire to cook weenies or knowing that you don't have to clean up after yourself, but be warned!!! Some douchebag in your group will probably bring along a guitar and expect you to listen to him sing James Blunt all night so have your ipod speakers handy at all times. Also, make sure that you bring enough food to last you the entire trip because in 9/10 cases if a person goes without food for more than 2 days then they will involuntarily resort to cannibalism.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, guys who spend a lot of time alone together naturally open up to each other and express the personal things that are on their minds. Don't get sucked into this trap and contribute to the meaningful conversation at hand because I assure you that one thing will lead to another and things will be taken out of proportion. If you don't stick to the topic of beer, girls and violence then be prepared for you own Brokeback mountain adventure. Also be extremely cautious of Hillbillies because if they see you alone in the woods then they will rape you!!!!!


Inside, rainy day, NO INTERNET!

Its 3.00pm and I'm currently writing on a shitty ass word document because my Internet has decided to stop working, Maybe my Broadband provider found out about all those illegally downloaded songs and cut off my server or maybe there is something wrong with my modem. What ever the reason, I'm bored as hell being stuck indoors with nothing to do. I would love nothing more than to go outside and hang around with my mates but the rain is so fuckin hardcore at the mo that if I stepped outside I would probably drown :(

So here I am alone with feck all to do. I never realised how shitty day time TV can be. Honestly, if I wanted to hear an aging lesbian continuously interrupt someone trying to talk I would give one of my college lecturers a ring. Normally on a day like this I would be on facebook reading about other people complaining about the rain and joining whimsical facebook groups relating to the weather but alas here I am, back in the stone age with only a limited number of conversing tools.

Its not as bad as it seems though, I got tonnes of shit done without the distraction of friends calling over or youtube nagging at me to watch another RWJ video. My room is now clean, my colleges assignments have been started and the "guns" have been pumped. The day seems a lot longer since I'm not wasting my time watching dumb videos or gawking at topless women sprawled out on motorcycles. I guess one of these rainy, Internetless days are necessary once in a while.


Let me ask you a simple question: Are you alone right now?
If your answer is yes then isn't it obvious that your some sort of social retard, renowned for your failure to fit into society, destined to die alone, forever a virgin. Face it your life is a joke, a tragedy, a waste of air. If you answered no on the other hand and it just so happens that your in the presence of another human being, then ask yourself:  "Is my self-esteem so shallow that I have to depend on other people to give my life significance?" I know your type! Your the sort of person who fits neatly into a social clique but cant be trusted to be left alone even for a minute, just incase you would try and slit your wrists with a spoon!! 

If the above sounds at all like you then please leave this potencial blog and see a pychologist immediately. When your all better and ready to fit into society's version of normality then return here and read all about the ins and outs of staying in and going out. 
This blog is generally about the variations of what peoples lives are like when they are alone and when they are with others.