Inside, rainy day, NO INTERNET!

Its 3.00pm and I'm currently writing on a shitty ass word document because my Internet has decided to stop working, Maybe my Broadband provider found out about all those illegally downloaded songs and cut off my server or maybe there is something wrong with my modem. What ever the reason, I'm bored as hell being stuck indoors with nothing to do. I would love nothing more than to go outside and hang around with my mates but the rain is so fuckin hardcore at the mo that if I stepped outside I would probably drown :(

So here I am alone with feck all to do. I never realised how shitty day time TV can be. Honestly, if I wanted to hear an aging lesbian continuously interrupt someone trying to talk I would give one of my college lecturers a ring. Normally on a day like this I would be on facebook reading about other people complaining about the rain and joining whimsical facebook groups relating to the weather but alas here I am, back in the stone age with only a limited number of conversing tools.

Its not as bad as it seems though, I got tonnes of shit done without the distraction of friends calling over or youtube nagging at me to watch another RWJ video. My room is now clean, my colleges assignments have been started and the "guns" have been pumped. The day seems a lot longer since I'm not wasting my time watching dumb videos or gawking at topless women sprawled out on motorcycles. I guess one of these rainy, Internetless days are necessary once in a while.