Let me ask you a simple question: Are you alone right now?
If your answer is yes then isn't it obvious that your some sort of social retard, renowned for your failure to fit into society, destined to die alone, forever a virgin. Face it your life is a joke, a tragedy, a waste of air. If you answered no on the other hand and it just so happens that your in the presence of another human being, then ask yourself:  "Is my self-esteem so shallow that I have to depend on other people to give my life significance?" I know your type! Your the sort of person who fits neatly into a social clique but cant be trusted to be left alone even for a minute, just incase you would try and slit your wrists with a spoon!! 

If the above sounds at all like you then please leave this potencial blog and see a pychologist immediately. When your all better and ready to fit into society's version of normality then return here and read all about the ins and outs of staying in and going out. 
This blog is generally about the variations of what peoples lives are like when they are alone and when they are with others.