Viva la Revolution!

What better way of rebelling against "the man" than by throwing a fire extinguisher off a building!

As you all should know, the Muslim world is now in a state of rebellion. Ordinary people, who were commonly referred to as simple merchants and idle students, are now seen as modern-day revolutionaries, risking their lives for the cause of liberty. The protester's struggle has caught the attention and support from the Western world and are receiving medical supplies and diplomatic aid from them. The protests are now spreading right across the middle-east, into the vast regions of Gaza to the exotic plains of Iran. I'm sure that we are all hoping that their campaigns will be a success. Only time will tell...

Speaking from an Irish perspective, protests here seem to 
always get out of hand. They're genuinely well-organised and many people attend, but as things get into drive the protesters tend to split into two groups: The people who are actually serious about expressing their views, and those who are merely looking for an excuse to reek havoc!
Last November during the National Student protest, everything was going swimmingly, until the peaceful demonstration got hijacked by some delirious republican group. This particular group used the large crowds to their advantage and riled the authorities up by smashing windows and attempting to storm our parliament. They gave students everywhere a very bad name that day, but even though demonstrations can turn to shit now and again, never underestimate the power of a protest. But if you look back on the Civil Rights movement in America during the 60's or the Anti-War protests during the Vietnam era, it is sooo fuckin evident that us ordinary folks have the real power to make a difference!