Classic Gangster!

"I wish you was a wishing well. So that I could tie a bucket to ya and sink ya."

When I first discovered that I would be studying Classical films as part of my Journalism course, I have to admit that I wasn't too keen on the idea of sitting through hours of dreary, black and white nonsense. I had a total ignorance against most films pre-1960 and thought that in no way could these movies ever appeal to today's audience.  However, after watching Raoul Walsh's White Heat I was hooked for life! Of course the violence isnt as hardcore as it is today, but the build up of tension through an endless stream of action and wit is never denied. Out of any gangster film I've seen, Public enemey (1931) and the Roaring Twenties (1939)

have to be my favourite. James Cagney portrays a merciless criminal who is out to get rich and whos not afraid to deal with anyone who get in his way. Set during the backdrop of the Great Depression both films possess the core themes of lust, hate, and extreme violence. They also have a nostalgic quality that makes you wish that you were around during this exciting time.
The section below includes my list of must see recommondations that can be found with little effort online....
1. Public Enemy (1931)    
2. The Roaring Twenties (1939)
3. Scarface (1932)
4. The Big Heat (1953)
5. White Heat (1949)
6. Angels with Dirty Faces (1938)
7. Citizen Kane (1941)
8. Little Caesar (1930)
9. The Petrified Forest (1936)
10. Dillinger (1945)