Alcohol + Weed = Pain!!!

So after a tumultuous night of enjoying a few drinks with some pals, we deemed it was in order to light up a spliff. Since my parents are not exactly cool with me doing drugs inside the house we departed to the outside world for a more peaceful and happy high.

                                   Let me set the scene...

Close to my home there is a long, dark stretch of woodland in between two housing estates. People rarely travel through this area at night and since it was pissing rain there was a sure chance that nobody would cross our paths. As we slowly made our way up this region, I felt the alcohol taking affect. My movements became very unstable and from a distance it would of looked as if I had cerebral palsy. Having a great time talking intoxicated bullshit with my friends we eventually lit the joint. As I inhaled I realised that the weed was really powerful and that it wouldn't take much to get the job done. Before I passed it on, I took one final pull and then ever so slowly exhaled the smoke from my lungs. My mind suddenly began to slip out of focus and the world rapidly deteriorated before my eyes. Before I realised what I had done, I collapsed and hit the path with such a force that my body became temporarily paralysed. When I became self-aware of my surroundings again, I started to uncontrollably laugh which in turn set my friends off. 
After they helped me up we decided to call it a night and go our separate ways. It was only after I got home that I realised I had a huge gash on my hand. Luckily I didn't need to go to the hospital to get stitches or a tetanus, but the task of cleaning the wound was very painful nonetheless. I know I sound like a scrawny punk that can't handle a bit of weed (I probably am), but it was the first time that I ever inflicted an injury under the influence of beer/weed. My advice to anyone who drinks or does weed is to use it sensibly and sparingly. 
Stay safe!