Who is Anders Breivik

"The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come."

An enthralling group of online investigators are currently searching the web for clues to track down the motives and persona of the Norwegian sadist Anders Breivik.

Slaughtering over 90 people on the island Utoya and Norwegian city of Oslo, members of the online community seem persistent on finding out why this unprecedented massacre took place.
A 1,500 page manifesto was discovered on a US based white-supremacist forum, which Norwegian authorities later connected it to Breivik. The piece itself is written entirely in English and is entitled "2083: A European Declaration of Independence." The author refers to himself as Andrew Breivik, and posted the document on Stormfront.org earlier this year.

Breivik declares himself a "Justiciar Knight Commander" and explains the need to "seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda." In grim, apocalyptic language, it advocates attacks on "traitors" across Europe who are supposedly enabling a Muslim takeover of the continent.

In a chilling forewarning of Friday's attack Breivik wrote "The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come." The author also kept a diary which outlines his 82-day attempt to secretly construct a bomb made out of fertilizer while hiding out at a farm in the rural town of Rena.
There is no question that Breivik's sole purpose was to create an explosion large enough to kill a colossal number of people
In an entry dated back to June 13, Breivik describes his first successful detonation:
"I prepared a test device today and drove off to a very isolated site. The test bomb was composed of a 3g DDNP primary and a 30g PA secondary. If this test would fail, I would abandon operation A and move forward with the non-spectacular operation B.
I lit the fuse, went out of range and waited. It was probably the longest 10 seconds I have ever endured…
BOOM! The detonation was successful!!!:-) I quickly drove away to avoid any potential unwanted attention, from people in the vicinity. I would have to come back a few hours later to investigate the blast hole, to see if both compounds had detonated".
Despite his evident hatred of Muslims and Arabs, "Berwick" professes admiration for al Qaeda, which he lists as one of only two "successful militant organisations" due to its "superior structural adaptation. "Elsewhere, he cites al Qaeda's training manual as a reference, and declares, "Just like Jihadi warriors are the plum tree of the Ummah, we will be the plum tree for Europe and for Christianity."
In another eerie parallel, he also calls for suicidal operations in service of the larger cause: "Let us be perfectly clear; if you are unwilling to martyr yourself for the cause, then the PCCTS, Knights Templar is not for you."

In a recent news update from Reuters, Breivik revealed that he killed 93 people to spark a "revolution" against the multiculturalism he believed was sapping Europe's heritage, and experts say a frank debate about immigration may be the best way to prevent similar explosions of violence.

Although Breivik is cooperating with the police and openly revealing his reasons for the massacre, Internet enthusiasts are continuing to search for any further clues which will ensure that he receives a lengthy prison sentence.

Breivik's manifesto can be found here at http://www.kevinislaughter.com/wp-content/uploads/2083+-+A+European+Declaration+of+Independence.pdf

The 12 minute video below was first uploaded to youtube by Breivik but was recently taken down due to the indecident nature it depicts. The video crudely outlines the bigoted principles and values of his manifesto, but reveals an even more disturbing image - a window into Breivik's insanity.